This is the companion website to my book, Singapore, Incomplete: Reflections on a First World Nation’s Arrested Political Development. The book is available at the Ethos Books online store and Singapore bookstores. Several chapters are available here for free download. This website also contains notes and further readings. Thank you for visiting. ~ Cherian George


Ask Me Anything!

I wrote this book to spark a conversation about the kind of politics we need. After a series of great dialogues at events in Singapore and Hong Kong in December, I took part in an online Q&A on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything forum. You can read the entire discussion here. Or visit my Facebook notes for extracts on the political succession issue and politics and media.


Hong Kong book launch

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From the Preface

I am one of those Singaporeans who feel there’s something missing in our national development. Ours is a middle-aged country with a mature economy but a political system that treats us like children: for too many decisions that should be ours to make, we are told what’s good for us and we are ticked off if we answer back. In the following collection of essays, I suggest that we are ready to grow up. More respect for different ways of thinking and more freedom to challenge authority will make us a stronger society.

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Singapore Review of Books

If the essays skim the surface in some instances, they are redeemed by the fact that their interrelated arguments tie, across the book, into a single, well-argued point: that political maturity takes political freedom, and political freedom takes political courage.

– Theophilus Kwek


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